1962-1972 Vietnam

Classroom Units

  • Vietnam - Soldiers' War
    Using evidence to explore the soldiers' experience of Vietnam.
  • Australia and the Vietnam War
    Using evidence to explore the experience of the home front during the Vietnam War.
  • Human Lottery - Conscription
    Using evidence to explore the system of conscription during the Vietnam War.
  • Battle of Long Tan
    Using evidence to explore this famous battle of the Vietnam War.
  • Women in ADF
    What is women's role in the services in the past, and the present? Should women be on the front line of combat? Use evidence to develop an informed viewpoint.
  • Soldiers After the War
    Using evidence to explore what happens to servicemen and servicewomen after the wars.

Student Resources

  • Casualties
    Statistics of Australian casualties in the Vietnam War.
  • Perth
    The story of the shelling of the HMAS Perth off North Vietnam.
  • Overview - Vietnam
    An outline of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.
  • Did You Serve in Vietnam?
    Did you serve in Vietnam?
  • Battle of Long Tan
    The dramatic story of the Battle of Long Tan.
  • Niblett
    The death of a digger in the Vietnam War.
  • 9 rules
    A document from the Vietnam War.
  • Long Tan Cross
    The story of the creation, loss and restoration of a special memorial.
  • Dogs
    The role of dogs on combat patrols.
  • Binh Ba
    The story of a dramatic conflict during the Vietnam War.
  • Medals - General
    Reproductions of service medals and other awards from a variety of wars.
  • Interview Guide
    Practical suggestions for interviewing people about their war-related experience.
  • Map - Vietnam
    Map of the area where Australians fought in Vietnam.
  • What is War?
    Map showing Australian involvement in three wars.


  • Where in the world?
    Students work out on a map where Australians have served in peace and war.
  • Uniforms Over Time
    Explore an interactive timeline of uniforms worn by Australian servicemen and women over time.
  • Women in War
    See and hear what Australian women have done in wars and peacekeeping.

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